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No matter what your cleaning needs are in the Worcester, MA, area, Squeaky Clean can help.

For residential customers, we offer window cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, and gutter cleaning. For commercial customers, we provide general cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning as well. We also offer construction cleaning services to get your new build move-in ready.

Reap the Benefits

Professional cleaning services are invaluable when it comes to helping your home or business look its best, but your appearance isn't the only benefit. Window cleaning, for example, keeps your windows bright and lets natural light into the building, which reduces eyestrain and prevents seasonal depression.

When you have your property regularly cleaned, you can prevent illnesses and injuries. For example, regular carpet cleaning clears out germs and allergens that become embedded in carpets, keeping your family or employees healthy.

When you have your floors maintained and waxed regularly, you don't need to worry about slip or trip hazards, protecting your employees from injury and yourself from liability.

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From our location in Dudley, MA, we serve the surrounding cities in a 50-mile radius, including Worcester, MA. When you need professional cleaning services, call Squeaky Clean Cleaning Service. We can come to your home or business to evaluate your cleaning needs and give you a quote. Call (508) 764-3044 in Massachusetts and (860) 779- 1315 in Connecticut to learn more.

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For almost 30 years, Squeaky Clean Cleaning Service has offered quality cleaning services to customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. We offer residential, commercial, and construction cleaning services.

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